Try this proof of concept for original and unique  puzzle/action game mechanic.  You are Mimicker, an octopus that wants to collect pearls, and also not be munched on by sharks. Your camouflage power is effective, but takes some time to work... can you collect all the pearls in these hazardous waters?

Made to meet the challenge of the Weekly Game Jam, week 128, theme "Camouflage"

All Assets original. Made in Unity.

Made entirely by me in approx. 8 hours

NOTE: Removed the nasty getting stuck on borders problem!

Development log


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Liked the area based camouflage mechanic. 

Was kind of annoying getting stuck on the bottom/top of the screen (Maybe add a no friction physics2d material).

Thsnk you for the comment! Glad you liked the concept. Hope it wasn't too hard near the end. Also, never noticed the getting stuck problem. I'll try your idea, always good to keep learning. :)