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Mexican Smashoff is a single or multiplayer one-on-one digital board game that combines mechanics from Chess, Collectible card games,  and turn-based battle games. All set in a Steam-Punk version of the Mexican Revolutionary period!

If you like the dynamics you get with JRPG-like turn-based battles, but have ever wondered how much it could be improved if it took place on a Grid instead of just  lanes, well, so did we. And this is the answer!

In English / ¡Y en español!

In the world of the Mexican Smashoff, you choose a Leader and assemble a team of fighters from a roster of distinct characters, and summon them one by one on a chess-like 2D board, where they will alternate between moving, attacking and defending each other's Leader. Each character has distinct specs, including the direction and amount of squares they can move, horizontally, vertically or diagonally, as well as the direction and distance they can attack. Some characters can deploy a special power, like freezing, venom and teletransportation. Combine tactics, strategy and a limited amount of Upgrades to defeat your opponents, gain upgrades, and Smash your opponents some more.

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